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Jan 16, 2014 11:42 PM by Erin Steuber

Jeff Davis Deputy Under Investigation for Killing Pit Bull

A Jennings family wants answers after the family pet is shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. It all happened right in the family's front yard, but now they want to know why.

Pit bulls are this family's dog of choice. But what was once a family with 7 dogs, is now a family with 6 after one was shot in the front yard Thursday morning.

"As soon as I heard the gun shot I started crying. I broke down and started crying. I laid on the ground and my dog was underneath the truck just looking at me like help," said owner Jacob Authement. "I was just crying. I grabbed her, and pulled her out, and I threw her in the back of the truck and I jumped back there with her."

Coco was a four year old pit bull who just had puppies in November.

"She played with kids, played with her puppies, she just loved to play. She was a big puppy. She was a house dog, like a big teddy bear," said Authement.

She was outside with Authement while he was working in the yard. A sheriff's deputy , who was in the area responding to a complaint about 4-wheelers on the road, got out of his unit and walked into the yard. Coco started barking and ran at the officer.

"Just to see her shot just five foot from me. I could have grabbed my dog before my dog would have ever had a chance to get him," said Authement.

According to Jeff Davis Sheriff Ivy Woods, the deputy felt threatened.

"The officer that did do the shootng is a K-9 officer. That's the last thing he could possibly want to do is destroy a dog. He told him several times to call back his dog," said Woods.

Coco was shot once in the head and had to be put down at the vet.

"All I get told is I'm sorry, but that's not good enough sometimes. I'm sorry just doesn't cut it sometimes," said Authement.

Authement has filed a complaint against the deputy and an investigation is ongoing.



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