Feb 18, 2014 10:17 PM by Steven Albritton

Jeanerette Residents Push For More Enforcement of Leash Laws

*WARNING: Pictures in this story are graphic in nature.

Residents in Jeanerette are speaking out in hopes of getting a dog and leash law to be more strictly enforced. Two people attacked by pit bulls aren't blaming the dogs, but are instead blaming the owners for not taking responsibility. In August, Linda Legnon says she was in her backyard when an unleashed pit bull ran in being chased by a young boy. She says when she tried to help get the dog on a leash, it lunged at her and bit her on the hand.

"Well it was too wide to stitch, so they put 19 butterfly band aids on it. I'm still putting medicine on it because the teeth went in and caught a ligament," Legnon said.

Back in 2010, a similar story for former alderman Ronald Courville. He was out on his daily walk when he says two dogs, off their leash, came after him. The attack left wounds up and down his body.

"I sustained 22 stitches. 13 in my head and 9 in my hand. My fear is if it had been anybody more frail than I or a child they wouldn't have survived that incident," Courville said.

Even with the attacks, these concerned residents don't blame the dogs. They blame large dog and leash ordinances they say aren't being followed by owners, or enforced well by the city.

"I see the dogs city-wide. I've already seen people walk pit bulls on main street, not only in my neighborhood, but also on main street without a muzzle," Courville said.

The Jeanerette Police Department says they have received five calls in the last three months about dogs and they are are still pulling numbers. Mayor Aprill Foulcard says she has spoken to residents and police about enforcement, but stresses those who wish to own a large dog must know the laws.

(mayor Aprill Foulcard/ jeanerette)
"Our police department will give a warning, saying you may have X amount of days to come in compliance with this ordinance, and if not, then of course you will have a penalty to pay," Mayor Foulcard said.

The Jeanerette large dog ordinance says, all must be muzzled and on a leash of no more than four feet when out in public. While at home the dog must be in a confined structure of certain measurements, and if you keep your dog inside your home the windows must have bars over them.



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