Feb 27, 2013 7:54 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Jamaican Phone Scam Hits Acadiana

A scam involving a phone call from Jamaica continues to make its way around Acadiana. You are told you won millions, but the details seem to vary from person to person. The Better Business Bureau says this is a scam that even the most skeptical people seem to fall for, and here's how it works:

The phone call comes from an 8-7-6 area code, which is from Jamaica.
The person on the phone says you've won millions, and says they're on their way to deliver the check...Sometimes even accompanied by the FBI for safety reasons.

But here's the catch, they say you need to either wire hundreds dollars to them, or buy a Green Dot Money Pack card and put money on it. A woman in Scott says she almost fell for this scam.

"This man called and he was a foreigner and he was very very hard to understand. And i kept trying to get out of the phone call all throughout the conversation," Virginia Anderson said.

She was told she had won five million dollars and the IRS had already taken out its portion, leaving her with 2.5 million dollars.

"He was so convincing, but i kept saying you know this is a scam there's something going on here, you know this isn't right. No one gives anything away for free."

But it wasn't all for free. The great-grandmother of four says she was told to go buy a Green Dot Money Pack card and put $299 dollars on it.

"I says, oh well forget that Mister. I says I don't even have $299 dollars in my bank account. I says there's no way, and i says, by the way you're a scam and a bum! And don't call me back anymore," Anderson said.

Once Anderson refused to by the Green Dot Money Pack card, she went right back home and called the Better Business Bureau.

"This is a new scam, relatively, that uses many techniques to try to get money from you," Sharane Gott, CEO and President of the Better Business Bureau in Lafayette said.

Gott says more and more people are reporting this scam from Jamaica.

"Just be on the look out. Be alert. Take care of your money. If it sounds to good to be true, remember, it probably is," Gott said.



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