Mar 1, 2011 12:07 AM by Shawn Kline

Invaders allegedly hold gun to infant

Another home invasion in New Iberia has a family shaken-up.
This is the sixth violent break-in since last January and the second in as many weeks.
Iberia Parish deputies say each of them are similar- masked men kick down a door demanding money.
Deputies are now on the lookout for more suspects who they say held a gun to an infant's head.
"She started crying and my little boy just started crying. I was like, 'I don't know what money, I don't know what you're talking about.'"
Lashawn Lively was staying at her cousins house when she says four people broke in.
"My little boy jumped up and they grabbed him and told him, 'come here little (expletive).'" Lively recalled, "they put a gun on the side of his head."
She says they wanted money, calling her cousin, Marcus by name.
"What I can't understand is, why would I be a target?" Marcus Eddie asked.
Lively says the intruders ripped down a bedroom door, breaking the hinge, tore out dresser drawers and completely ransacked the home.
"The mindset is, I want what you have but I don't want to work for it," Sheriff Louis Ackal said.
Ackal says in all of these home invasions, the victims aren't random. In most cases, he says the suspects expect to find cash or valuable items.
This time, they made off with clothing, a television and a diaper bag with a wallet.
"A diaper bag they stole?" Ackal asked, "what the hell are they going to do with a diaper bag?"
In each home invasion, Ackal says the suspects often hold people at gunpoint and take wahtever they can.
A scary situation for Lively.
"Lord, please, let them get what they have to get and get out," Lively prayed. "Not my babies! that's all I could keep thinking about."
Lively says when the suspects took what they wanted, they left. No one was hurt, but Eddie hopes these invaders would keep the children in mind.
"Materials can be replaced," Eddie said. "A death or a loss of a life, that's final- you can't take the back."
Sheriff Ackal says he's putting more deputies on the streets to help control these crimes.
He says the extra man power will cost more money but if it helps reduce these violent crimes, he's willing to do whatever it takes.
"If need be, I'll go to seven days a week." Ackal says, "and put two teams on the street.


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