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Mar 14, 2012 7:37 PM by Herbie Smith

Inmates' escape should have raised red flags

Saturday, detectives said Tony Jackson and Kevin Gildhouse used a homemade knife to overpower two deputies during their escape.
Gildhouse is accused of taking one of the deputy's uniforms to disguise himself and then escort another inmate out of jail.
They were caught about five hours after escaping.

Director of Corrections Rob Reardon is investigating what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again.
"We're not just letting people out "willy-nilly." If employees follow practices and policy, these things don't happen, Reardon said.
The suspicious signs started with Kevin Gildhouse, the inmate who wore the deputy's uniform. His goatee should have caught someone's eye.
"He has a light goatee. For a deputy to be in uniform with that facial hair, that's against policy," said Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Sheriff's Office. He said if someone spotted facial hair, they should have reported it.

Something else suspicious, was a deputy transferring an inmate at 1:30 in the morning. Investigators say depending on circumstances, it's very rare to transport inmates at that hour. For security reasons and because this case is still under investigation, Reardon and Judice won't release details on how the inmates escaped. They're interviewing witnesses, looking over policy and examining employees' behavior. "As we investigate the case and all the facts become clear, if there's discipline that needs to be handled we'll obviously handle that," said Reardon.



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