May 6, 2014 12:31 AM by Alex Labat

In Her Own Words: Bethany Arceneaux Recounts Kidnapping

In her own words, we're learning more about Bethany Arceneaux's harrowing ordeal, her kidnapping, captivity for two days, and dramatic rescue. Bethany's statements have been made public for the first time. Her story sheds light on not only the bravery of her family, but her own determination to get out alive.
When Bethany Arceneaux pulled up to her child's daycare on Madeline Avenue on the evening of November 6th, she was already running from her ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old Scott Thomas.



She stopped the car, pulled the baby out to try to get to the safety of the business, but she says Thomas grabbed her and threw her into his car. "The baby was under them while they were fighting. And I just remember her saying "Somebody help me get my baby he's stuck. Why won't nobody help me?", says Derrimetria Robinson, a witness on the scene.



Bethany says Thomas sped off with her and headed to Anderson Road in Duson, about nine miles away from the daycare. Thomas telling Arceneaux he had been scoping out the area.


The two dumped Thomas' white Buick, Arceneaux being forced to change clothes, making their way through the woods off that road in Duson. They barely missed police officers who were looking for the two. They were only feet away as they made their way to that abandoned house.


In her statement, Arceneaux says thomas was extremely paranoid, attacking her for something as little as breathing too loudly. 


But Arceneaux would not just sit quietly. She says she tried to escape her captor, hitting him with a rod and trying to escape through the bathroom window.

But those attempts failed, and Thomas wouldn't let Bethany out of his sight, even in his sleep. Also in Thomas' sights, the people that would eventually come to Bethany's rescue.

"Everybody like, you know, in the front of the house, but they just lookin around before they actually try to enter the house", says Marcus Arceneaux, Jr.
The house had been discovered, and that's when Bethany says Thomas began attacking her. She cried out, not knowing who was there, just hoping someone would save her. "Help! He stabbed me in my head! He stabbed me, He just stabbed me in the head", says Marcus Arceneaux, Jr.
And that's when he says he made the decision to put a stop to Scott Thomas' attack on Bethany. Scott Thomas sustained 12 gunshot wounds, and despite wounds that would require stitches, Bethany was alive when Marcus carried her out of the house, passing him off to his father. "I hate that it happened like this because I don't feel like anyone should lose their life. My prayers go out to the Thomas family and I'm sorry for their loss, but we had to save our niece", says Marcus Arceneaux, Sr.

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