Sep 25, 2013 7:59 PM by Alex Labat

Iberia Parish Library Pushing for Veto of Ballot Item

After a back-and-forth battle of funds between Iberia Parish Government and the parish library... they thought a solution was found.
But tonight, another road block.

Two weeks ago, the library reached a compromise with parish government that would allow a portion of their taxes to go toward funding a levee project.
But when the resolution was voted on, those with the library say they were lumped in with the levee project, which would mean if voters turned down the levee money, the library wouldn't get money either.
Voters have already rejected a tax that would have funded the levees. The library is hoping that there will be a reversal, and voters will be allowed to make the ultimate decision.

As patrons are busy checking out books at the Iberia Parish Library, Library Director Thomas Gotte says residents should be checking out a proposal for November's upcoming election.
"If supporters of the library want to support the library but not the levee there's no way that they can vote against the levee and for the library", says Gotte.
Proponents of the levee system say the three quarters of a milliage tax is vital to protect the future of all of New Iberia, but Gotte and other library employees say the levee should be able to stand on it's own, "without" the use of library funds.
"The library should be on it's own. We stand for information, technology, and education that's our point and purpose in the community", says Gotte.
The library says it's not taking a stance on whether or not the levee should or should not be built, their only concern is that the taxpayers money goes to what they voted for.
Gotte says, "We just want to make sure that the money that we're getting, and in the future, to receive, is going to our establishment."



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