Dec 28, 2010 7:14 PM by Shawn Kline

Iberia Parish fights crime with IMPACT

Whether it's gun fire, burglaries or vandalism, the Iberia Parish Sheriff says he's sick of it.
"If people think for one minute they're going to be able to conduct themselves in that manner, they're foolish!" Sheriff Louis Ackal said.
Ackal is heated over a winter full of crime. In just the last month, a prominent murder, a handful of home invasions, a number of burglaries, and countless drug-related crimes have riddled Iberia Parish.
"We will respond." Ackal says, "I've got zero tolerance for that type of crap that goes on in the streets."
His response, the "IMPACT" unit. a group of specialized officers trained in narcotics, sex crimes and street crimes. All, now patrolling parish grounds.
"The tactics we're using right now are surveillance, interviews from confidential informants," Lt. Ryan Turner said. "Just following up and saturating the areas with higher crime rates."
"They have to know we're out there after them for it," Sheriff Ackal said of would-be criminals.
While patrol officers are faced with traffic violations and 9-1-1 calls every day, the IMPACT unit will focus on street crimes.
The team, already identifying nearly 50 potential crimes leading to more than a dozen arrests in just one week.
"You're not going to get away with it and we've shown that." Ackal says, "if you commit a crime, we'll catch you real fast and you get locked up."
Crimes this Sheriff says have gone on for too long.


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