Sep 11, 2012 11:38 PM by Maddie Garrett

"I Had to Play Dead" - Zeus Manager Describes How he Barely Survived Shooting

Yousef Balbeisi pretended to be dead and barely survived a gun shot wound during a burglary at his home. Two months later, the Zeus restaurant manager is making a miraculous recovery and said he still can't believe he alive today.

"The medic said, 'it's ok buddy, you'll be alright.' I was like no I'm not going to make it. The angels are here, the angels are coming to pick me up," Balbeisi recalled, thinking back to the night he was shot.

Balbeisi said July 2, 2012, is the night was reborn. It's the night two burglars broke into his home around 2:30 am, and when he tried to fight them off one of them shot him in the back, through the abdomen. They were after cash and Yousef said he only had about $35 at his home. He knew the burglars wanted him dead.

"He pointed the gun at my head again and asked the other guy, 'should I shoot him? Let me kill him.' The other guy was like, 'no we don't need no more noise, he's dying.' I had to act dead," said Balbeisi.

Balbeisi said knew they wouldn't leave him alive, so he slumped over on the ground and played dead. It worked and the two men left with the $35, his phone, his son's b-b gun and three dvds. That's when Balbeisi got up to find help.

"I walked to the first door, to the first house, my neighbors, I knocked on the door, nobody answered," he said.

Balbeisi walked to the next house and still no answer. Balbeisi was at the end of his rope when he reached the third house and gave one last knock.

"If they don't answer I'm basically I'm done," he said.

But the neighbors did answer and called 9-1-1. But Balbeisi wasn't in the clear; he had lost 90 percent of his blood and doctors had to revive him three times. After two weeks in a coma, Balbeisi woke up surprised to still be alive.

"Trust me, I'm really thank god that I'm still here," said Balbeisi.

He also thanks his brothers, his wife and the entire Lafayette community for their support and encouragement, and the blood they gave to keep him alive. Balbeisi jokingly calls himself an "Arabic Cajun."

"The cajun blood is going through me right now," he explained.

While Balbeisi continues to recover, Lafayette Police are still looking for the two suspects. Police said they are waiting on evidence being processed at the crime lab to move forward with the case.



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