Sep 27, 2013 6:03 AM by Kristen Holloway

Hunters for the Hungry Food Drive

Do you have an over-abundance of food you need to clean out of your freezer? Well this weekend is your opportunity.

Hunters for the Hungry food drive is held every year for residents to "clean out their freezers".
People all over Acadiana bring in their excess frozen game to help fill the freezers of homeless shelters in Acadiana.

"Over the past 10-12 years we've probably collected about 100,000 pounds of meat to feed those people that need it the most," said Chairman Bob Giles.

Hunter Jimmy Atkins says he's donated every year, for the past ten years.

"It means a lot cause it's really helping needy folks that may not be able to have a hot meal that day," said Atkins.

Preparations are underway for the staff at Opelousas Lighthouse Mission who've teamed up with Bob Ggiles for the event. They'll be working all day to collect the meat at Cajun field and distribute to shelters who participate.

"It's unbelievable the impact that this has, it's feeding them 2-3 times a day so if you multiply that times 365 it comes out close to 30,000 meals in a year so the impact that it has is significant," said Jonny Carriere of Opelousas Lighthouse Mission.

Organizers are asking for almost any meat: beef, pork, shrimp or game. They have asked that feral hogs not be donated at the request of The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Diseases the hogs can carry could hurt humans but any other game is welcomed.

"The goal this year is to set a record. We'd like to collect over 10,000 pounds of fresh game from our hunters and fishers in Acadiana, so if we could do that it would be a wonderful thing for Acadiana," said Giles.

This event is not limited to hunters anyone can donate. If you would like to give back, the event takes place this Sunday from 10-3. For a list of drop off locations head over to this link



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