Jul 25, 2014 5:11 PM by Daniel Phillips

Hot, Humid Weekend; Rare Cold Front Next Week

It's not often that forecasters get to discuss cold fronts sweeping through south Louisiana in the middle of July, but fortunately that's the discussion we'll be having next week. 

The weekend is looking standard as far as summer forecasts go, high pressure slides in and firmly takes control which will help limit showers. 

Hot and humid will be the name of the game on Saturday and Sunday, and with enough moisture that one or two showers will be possible. 

Under the influence of high pressure, however, there will be limited forcing factors so aside from the sea breeze and day time heating there won't be any other triggers for showers or storms. 

In other words, anything that develops this weekend will be isolated and pop-up in nature. 

This ridge will begin to recede by Monday, and this is where the forecast will become more interesting. 

Air from Canada will be dropping into the country and dipping pretty far south for this time of year, and ahead of all this air will be a cold front swooping in from the north. 

Monday will see a slight increase in showers as the ridge breaks down and we'll start to see some of the first showers developing out ahead of the front. 

Look to Tuesday to be the wettest of the days as the front passes through, bringing with it showers and thunderstorms for what looks like the majority of the day. 

The front will eventually settle offshore, but immediately behind it will be drier, much more comfortable air sinking in. 

Early indications show dew points in the upper 60s possible, and we could even see our lows dip below 70. 

This will be a blessed relief from the summer time heat, although it won't likely won't last too long anytime we can dry and cool off and dry out in the summer is welcomed by many. 


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