Nov 18, 2013 12:55 AM by Chris Welty

Hit & Run Leads to Car in House

A hit and run in Lafayette leads to a car barreling through a home.

The initial crash happened on Johnston Street around seven o'clock Sunday evening. Police say the suspect fled and the victim chased him down Doucet Road. The victim lost control of her car and crashed into the house. Amazingly, everyone was ok and nobody was home at the time of the crash.

Miles Hesterly and his family want answers. He had no idea when he was pulling up to his parent's house the sight he would see.

"We haven't told my mom yet, she's in Europe. I was watching the saints and my dad said, ‘the fire alarm is going off.' I show up and a car is in my living room," said Hesterly.

Priceless family memories are scattered through the home. Half the house doesn't have electricity and the security alarm is chirping.

"What do I do now? There is a gaping hole in my living room," said Hesterly.

Neighbors who heard the bang thought it was a crash on West Bayou Parkway and Doucet.

"We heard a screech and then a smash. We get here and see a bunch of light and a white car riding on its rim," said Brandon Murphy.

He didn't hesitate, rushing to his car; he called 9-1-1 and was in pursuit.

"I was following them and they went behind red's and they didn't know they couldn't get out. I found them and parked in front, but they went around, speeding, trying to get away," said Murphy.

He followed until police pulled the suspect over near Lafayette Lanes.

Murphy acknowledges he put his life in danger, but he says he would do it again because he is protecting his neighborhood.

The driver was cited for careless operation. The suspect who allegedly caused the hit and run was cited for careless operation and hit and run.

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