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Dec 26, 2010 11:26 PM by Mike Magnoli

Heater Safety

How are you staying warm? If you're using a space heater, KATC'S Mike Magnoli has some safety tips for you. Space heaters are among the top three causes for fires in America, and you need to be careful.

"The guys up north don't think it gets cold down here so they don't send us a large quantity, as a result we're sold out of some of our best space heaters but we do a have a good selection left"

Logan Murry works at the Lafayette Home Depot and since Jack Frost started nipping, he's helped a lot of customers pick up a space heater. Before they check out he reminds them about a few safety measures and asks if they have a smoke alarm in the house...Whens the last time you checked the battery? Maybe it's time for a new one...
"A smoke detector will run you about 19 dollars"
Space heaters should never be left unattended, don't get them wet, those are the obvious rules- but here are 4 tips to keep you on your toes.
First, check to see if the space heater you have has been reviewed and certified as a safe product. The labels should be easy to spot on the box, if there's not one, it could be time to trade up. Next tip: know the settings on your space heater: some will switch off if they get too hot, other settings allow you to program a max temp. Don't be the alpha male-- go ahead and read the instructions. The third tip is the three feet rule keep your space heather three feet away from anything that might catch fire especially the Christmas tree. Fourth tip, avoid extension cords if you can-- the more cords involved, the higher the risk, so if possible- find a socket that's close to where you want to put the space heater.



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