Apr 12, 2014 12:51 AM by Alex Labat

"Heartbleed" Bug Puts Internet at Risk

The information superhighway. The Internet has evolved from a luxury, to a necessity, used by billions of people everyday. But what happens when the security for that information breaks down? An Internet security flaw named "Heartbleed" has sent the I.T. world into panic mode to patch a flay that's been around for nearly two years. The bug allows hackers to pull private information, like passwords from the servers of businesses like Facebook, Google and more. "The reality is, if you use the Internet, you were affected. Two-thirds of the Internet were vulnerable to this bug", says Daniel Kedinger, Digital Marketing Director for BBR Creative in Lafayette. His team deals with dozens of clients and their websites, and even though their websites were found to be secure, clients were still advised to take caution. "Your site, your bank might not have been affected, but the fact that your password on your email was found, means that now they have access to your bank account. And it doesn't take a lot to find out what else you have out on the Internet to find those services", says Kedinger.
While recent breaches in security, like the ones at Target, have been scary, the scope of Heartbleed is what makes it so dangerous. Besides staying off the the Internet altogether until it's fixed, Kedinger suggests changing your password before it's too late. "It's the nature of us living in the Internet Age. But I do think that security is something that everybody should be aware of. And right now, everybody go change your password. That's what I tell everybody. It's a fact of life right now".
If you do decide to change your password, remember these tips to ensure no one cracks your personal code. Don't be too obvious. Hackers can match every word in the dictionary in a matter of minutes, so don't just use the alphabet. The more random the password, the better, and don't use the same password for everything, because if it falls into the wrong hands, your personal information can be wiped out.


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