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Oct 29, 2013 11:22 PM by Erin Steuber

Halloween Safety

The excitement of that costume, those bagfuls of candy and spooky decorations from house-to-house, Halloween is in full swing here in Acadiana. Kids have a lot to get excited about on Halloween night, but it's up to adults to keep them safe while they're out collecting candy. And one community is starting a new tradition to ensure just that.

It's not Halloween just yet, but you wouldn't know it in the Town of Basile. Tuesday hundreds of children dressed up with their parents in tow celebrating Halloween with a family-friendly block party.

"It's just wonderful. We should have done this years ago," said Deneen Ortego. Safety wise and, you know, the turnout's awesome. It's just the best thing."

It's a tradition the town started last year complete with games and of course trick-or-treating.

"Well it's just safer for the kids," said Basile resident and block party organizer Mark Denette. "Last year it started and it was just a good idea to close off the streets and include some clubs and some other businesses."

Not everywhere in Acadiana has a celebration like this. Many children will still be hitting the pavement, going door to door, to collect their tricks and treats.

"We have some additional patrolmen out that are going to be watching for speeders and people that are driving haphazardly," said Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Sheriff's Office. "In addition, we have a sex offender compliance unit that will go out and check on our registered sex offenders. We have almost 300 in Lafayette Parish."

But if you're wary of sending your children out on Halloween, don't worry: "There's an app for that." GPS based apps like "Life 360" keep tabs on the whole family if kids go separate ways around the neighborhood. The app, for Apple and Android, allows families to share their real-time location information, and send messages like when it's time to come home.

"We would remind parents that there's never a substitution for the direct supervision of their children," said Judice.



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