Sep 4, 2013 7:50 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Good Samaritans Help Deliver Baby In A Car

A Lafayette mother is calling her newborn a "Miracle baby," after giving birth on the way to the hospital. The first-time mom says she was worried, but thankfully wasn't alone.

It was near the roundabout near Rue De Belier where Takeyha Morgan's baby was born. Michelle Rogers was there when it happened, and was caught off guard.

"Just total shock and disbelief that this is going to happen right here," Michelle Rogers said.

Rogers had a flat tire and Deputy Olugbenga Shomade stopped to help. That's when a navy blue car pulled up with a woman in labor. The baby was already crowning.

"So I pulled off one pants leg, checked my hands for cuts and then proceeded to help her deliver her baby," Rogers said.

"I have a first aid kit in my trunk, I quickly run over there and I grab it. Then she said, "Come, come right now the baby is about to come out," Deputy Olugbenga Shomade said.

"And the baby's head came out, and shoulders were starting to come, so I had her push. She pushed a couple of times and the rest of the body slide out, and I just held the baby until the paramedics came by," Rogers said.

After Acadian Ambulance medics picked up Morgan and her new born baby, they brought them to Women's and Children's Hospital, and doctors said everything with mom and baby was just fine.

"When I heard her cry, I was so happy, I wanted to cry and everything. It's just a miracle baby, that's all I can say," Takeyha Morgan, mother of baby My'Rhianna said.

"I just think it was divine intervention and God had his hands on the whole situation," Rogers said.



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