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Apr 18, 2014 11:32 PM by Alex Labat

"Good Friday" for Food Lovers

Good Friday is usually a good day if you're a seafood lover, and there's no better place to curb your craving than "Shucks!" in Abbeville. "Every Friday in Lent is tremendous", says co-owner David Bertrand. Patrons pack the dining area, hoping to grab a good meal while abiding by that strict Catholic tradition, "You don't eat meat on a Friday during Lent". "We always said that the whole idea behind dining at Shucks, and in Cajun Country in general is it's a continuation of what Catholics do in their faith. Every day of the year. Especially on Sundays, they gather around a table to celebrate a meal. A divine meal", says Bertrand.
But just because you can't eat meat on a Friday, it doesn't mean you can't buy it. For "Hebert's Specialty Meats" in Maurice, Good Friday means good business. "Today's basically the third busiest holiday that we have. Every time families get together it usually gets pretty busy", says butcher Samuel Hebert. Shoppers are loading up on that "forbidden fruit", so once Easter Sunday rolls around, they'll be able to grill out with family and friends. "Everybody wants to light up the barbecue pit on Sunday", says Hebert. But Good Friday isn't just about what you can and can't eat. For many, the most important part of a Good Friday meal, is breaking bread. "That is what I think makes our culture so unique. It's not about grabbing a bite, it's about sharing, breaking bread together at a table. That's the most important thing about dining, and makes us different more than any other place in the country", says Bertrand.


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