Dec 30, 2013 11:16 PM by Erin Steuber

Getting a Safe Ride on New Years

For so many the holiday festivities include alcohol, but the decision to get behind the wheel while impaired can be deadly. We've seen it already this past week in Acadiana four people and an unborn baby killed in two separate drunk driving crashes. But there's no shortage of ways to get home safe if you've had a few drinks from taxis to designated drivers. And in Lafayette, there is another option, getting towed. This year drunk driving hit close to home for one towing company, already working to take drunk drivers off the road.

It's typically a bad sign to see your car being towed, but during the holiday's it can be a good thing. For the last 28 years Guy's Towing has been giving drunk drivers, and their vehicles, a ride home, free of charge. A mission, they're even more passionate about this year after one of their employees, Blaze Louviere, was killed by an accused drunk driver.

"This year is very real and it hits home. It has a special meaning for everyone that we tow home, because we know this could be saving the life of Blaze, or saving their life, or any number of people. That's why I say as long as there is a Guy's Towing, there will be this program going on," said President of Guy's Towing, Bert King.

Throughout the holiday state police will be continuing aggressive patrols in partnership with local law enforcement to get drunk drivers off the roads.

"We want people to make that responsible decision. We are not telling people not to have a good time for New Years, but we want you to do so responsibly. We want you to make the decision so you're not driving impaired. Even one drink can effect someone's driving ability," said Stephen Hammons with State Police.

But a safe ride home is just a phone call away either by taxi or tow. Now, Guy's Towing and its "Towing for Life" program is further driven, by a life taken too soon.

There are some rules for this service, your car has to be in working condition, you can't already be under arrest for drunk driving and you have to be going home. The number to call is (800)237-GUYS.



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