Nov 19, 2010 7:13 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Gas Line Rupture Forces School to Evacuate

Dozier Elementary School students got an early start on their Thanksgiving Break... after the the school was forced to evacuate because gas was in the air.

Student Gracie Langham said, "I was just really nervous and I didn't want to inhale the fumes."
Work was being done replacing a gas pipeline when the line ruptured, only a few hundred feet away from the school.

Trooper Stephen Hammon said, "a gas line rupture--its always a a major safety precaution as far as evacuating home and schools."

Teachers and staff started evacuating the five hundred students as soon as they were alerted by the local fire department.

Principal Karla Toupes said, "we did an all automated phone call to the parents to let them know that their children were safe but we'd be evacuating."

They were ushered to safety just a few blocks away.

Walton said, "we grabbed all of our stuff, put on our book sacks and came to the church."

Once the area was cleared.... five agencies starting working on the ruptured pipe line.
Trooper Hammons said, "the good thing is we aren't looking at negligence or anything, it's just one of those things that can happen."

Parents began picking up their children by 10 am from a nearby church hall.

Parent Aimee Dronet said, "of course I was worried, but the news let us know the kids were safe and there was the recording that we got said the kids were okay. So we knew they were in good hands with the teachers and administrators."

It took four hours to cap the pipeline... luckily no one was injured. The area is now safe for residents.


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