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Apr 24, 2014 6:27 PM by Akeam Ashford

French Announcements Added To This Year's Festival

This year, Festival International de Louisiane organizers are bringing out their francophone roots by including French translated messages in between bands.

Messages will include common phrases like: sponsor thank yous, and general information for festival-goers.

Peggy Feehan and Moussa Sadou are the French voices you'll hear over the loud speakers.

"Recording the french translation makes me feel like I'm really doing something for Festival and for the community," Sadou said.

Sadou moved to Louisiana from Niger, Africa in 2002 to work for CODOFIL.

He now teaches 4th grade french at Evangeline Elementary.

Feehan grew up in New Brunswick, Canada.

Both, spent two weeks translating and recording 30 pages of phrases. Feehan says it was somewhat difficult to do, because not every English word translates to French perfectly.

"It's not as easy to translate, like you can for bonjour to hello. You can't translate word to word because it's not going to make sense. So again, we wanted to strike a good balance between what the English was and what the French had to be for it to make sense to everyone," Feehan said.

Like English, there are different French dialects depending on where you live.

The two had to present the French translation in a way that could be understood by as many people at the festival.

"We wanted to be as universal as possible for the French voices on the PA, and we wanted to be understood by everybody coming to festival," Feehan said.

Both translators says they are most excited to hear their voices over the PA systems during festival.

"I was worried how good it was going to be," Sadou said. "It was a lot of work, but I think it will help a lot of people enjoy their festival experience," Sadou said.

Festival organizers say they are working on translating the Festival website to help more people before they visit Louisiana.



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