Jul 19, 2013 10:33 AM by Kristen Holloway

Four Time Ice Cream & Cake Champ

An award for her ice cream, check. An award for her cake, check. As a matter of fact one of this year's participants has multiple awards in each category. Meet four time champ Sherry Brasseaux.

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than some homemade ice cream and cake.

"The recipe that I have is over 100yrs old and it's a cook kind it's not the kind you buy in the store and just add fruit to it. It has to be cooked, frozen and ready to go," said Brasseaux.

Sherry Brasseaux is one of a dozen people that will enter her ice cream and cheesecake in the 6th Annual Ice Cream and Cake Festival. Sherry's winning ice cream is called "creole custard".

"When I do the creole custard cherry vanilla, I always do it crank cause it's old fashioned and it has a better taste," said Brasseaux.

Not only has Sherry taken home first place for the best ice cream for four years, she's also a four time champ of the cheesecake contest.

"The ice cream is really easy cause it's cooked and it takes a lot of ingredients. Cheesecake takes time cause if it doesn't turn then you have to start all over again," said Brasseaux.

Sherry made a sample of her ice cream from last years win and says hers is better because she still uses the hand cranking machine instead of using an electric ice cream maker.

So I asked Sherry should we be watching out for win number five?

"Probably so," she said.

But she will have stiff competition this year, they'll be at least ten people in the cake competition and a few cub scout teams looking to snatch first place for best ice cream.

"We're going to have eight teams there. It's going to be all the same ice cream just different flavors so I'm going to see it the scouts can out beat me," said Brasseaux.



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