Sep 17, 2013 11:57 PM by Steven Albritton

Foster Park Could Be Changing Hands

Foster Park in Youngsville is one of the many homes of the Broussard - Youngsville Youth Association, or B.Y.Y.A. An ordinance, introduced at the LCG council meeting, could change who has control of the park. If the ordinance passes in two weeks, the Lafayette Parish park would become part of Youngsville. Foster Park hosts flag football, baseball and T-ball for more than 400 children. If B.Y.Y.A. were to lose Foster Park, they may have to cut T-ball which is the biggest money maker for the organization. A loss like that could put B.Y.Y.A. in jeopardy. Officials within the organization say their biggest worry is for the kids and not knowing if they'd be able to play T-ball, or even finish out this years football season

"If we can't use the field, we can look ahead and see what we can do with our T-ball program. T-ball is half of B.Y.Y.A.'s registration right now, and with out t-ball B.Y.Y.A. is going to be between a rock and hard place," B.Y.Y.A Softball Coordinator Randy Reed said.

Tuesday, Reed spoke up at the LCG council meeting about the need for those fields. Many council members agreed with his concern.

"If something were to happen to Foster park, you're looking at anywhere from 200 to 400 children that will have to be moved from one area to another," Council Member William Theriot said.

Part of the agreement would give part of the park to Green T. Lindon Elementary School. Youngsville plans to use the rest of the park as supplemental capacity for the sports complex which is set to open in December.

"It will far surpass anything else in this area as far as capabilities to provide for organizations such as B.Y.Y.A. It's one of the driving forces behind us putting the sports complex together for the youth of Youngsville," Youngsville CEO Rick Garner said.

The ordinance will be up for a vote in two weeks at the next LCG council meeting.



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