Aug 9, 2012 11:20 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Former "Cellblock-Mate" of Brandon Scott Lavergne Speaks Out

A former "cellblock-mate" of Brandon Scott Lavergne is speaking out, saying he's not surprised Lavergne is charged first degree murder. Here's some background: in 1999, Lavergne was arrested in Evangeline Parish for aggravated oral sexual battery .He pled guilty to those charges in 2000. After serving eight years, he was released in 2008. While Lavergne was serving time on the sex charge, his block-mate says he got to know Lavergne.
The former block-mate of Brandon Scott Lavergne didn't want his name or face on camera. He met Lavergne while both served time at the Phelps Correctional Center in Dequincey. He says he's not surprised police believe Lavergne is connected to the Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate cases.

"We were several beds apart, I knew what he was in there for. He was not incapable of doing this crime," he said.

The former inmate says he wasn't necessarily friends with Lavergne, but the two did talk to one another. While Lavergne was serving time, investigators questioned him on 3 unsolved murders.

"They came to question him for several hours about the murder of 2 or 3 women in the same Lafayette area," he said.

He doesn't remember the agency the investigators were with, but once they left, he says Lavergne was scared and told him the questions they asked him.

"I asked, 'Brandon, did you do this?' and instead of yes or no he came back and says, 'I'm not gonna tell that.' I thought to myself, 'If you didn't do it, say no.'"

Lavergne was later transferred to Avoyelles Correctional Center. After being there for a week, Lavergne wrote a letter to his former block-mate saying he was doing well.

"He said, by the way, all that about raping and murdering women, I didn't do it."

That was the last time he ever heard from Brandon Scott Lavergne.


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