Jul 22, 2010 6:44 PM by Carolyn Cerda

Foreman Drive Striping

New tar and stripes now cover Foreman Dr. in Lafayette. But businesses and residents along the new road are not exactly thrilled with the results. Those we spoke with say they feel that the yellow striping is a botched job.

"Our tax dollars pay this to improve the road, and it's not done right. The yellow lines aren't too straight and they far apart too," said Connie Fontenot, an employee at Kid City on Foreman Dr.

"I do think it was a band aid on a broken leg... but i'm not sure that their going to re-stripe," said Sue Baudry, who lives on Foreman Dr.

One resident said the new striping looked as if it was painted on by a kid. And he couldn't believe that someone actually got paid to do it.

Ricky Leger, with the Department of Public Works, says it is the contractor's job to stripe the road once a project is complete. But, in the meantime, they must use a temporary striping that does not have to be perfect.

"We have an inspector on the job and he tries to match how the striping was before... But sometimes it's not exactly what was out there," said Leger.

The Foreman Dr. re-surfacing is part of a nearly $4 Million project by public works, in which 80 streets will be patched or overlayed in the coming months.

"Each one of those 80 streets definitely needs some work, so we hope the public realizes we're working."

Jackie Domingue is the director at Kid City on Foreman Dr. She says she's happy with the new road, and says it's definitely better than what she used to have to travel on.

"It looks nice, hopefully it's not a job that's gonna come apart in the next couple of months or so. And the lines are not straight, but that doesn't bother me."

Officials say work on Foreman Dr., including new permanent striping, should be complete in about 6 months.



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