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Apr 24, 2014 4:24 PM by Daniel Phillips

Food Vendors Spend Hours Setting Up for Festival

It's no secret that it is more then the music that makes Festival International de Louisiane so special.

Arts and crafts play a big role in the festival's popularity and like any great Louisiana festival the food is something special.

Vendors were out early Thursday morning getting ready for the crowds of people to arrive, and making sure that when the festivities kick off they'll be ready.

"It took about 3 hours to set up from start to finish from the time we got everything on the ground to getting everything hooked up." said Phillip Faul who was overseeing the Fezzos set up.

The set up is a labor of love and Faul says that being part of the festival and interacting with the community and customers makes all the hard work worth it.

It's more, however, then just setting up the booth the day of.

A selection board picks which vendors will be allowed to sell food at the event and even have to taste the dishes before hand.

Mark Rotolo from Alligator Shakes told us that each vendor must bring in six or seven items to try and they approve four of them.

The dedication and hard work that goes into every aspect of festival is what continues to draw in huge crowds not just from around Acadiana but from around the world.


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