Jan 12, 2013 10:55 PM by Chris Welty

Flooding Continues, Dozens Rescued

From St. Landry to Vermilion Parishes, high water has covered much of South Louisiana. One major problem, backwater flooding.

Crowley is one of the hardest hit areas. Water covers Parkerson Avenue as well as exit 80 westbound on I-10.

One of the hardest hit neighborhoods, North Cherokee Drive in Crowley. The water continues to rise and the only way to get around is with a four wheeler or a boat. The water has risen about two to three feet just today.

Since Friday afternoon, dozens of volunteers braved the flood waters on North Cherokee Drive, rescuing those in need.

"We got here and they had people walking in water chest deep, so I went to get the boat."

Jonathan Hebert and his team pulled more than 30 people including their pets to safety. People were carrying shopping bags with a change of clothes and a few valuables before leaving.

Homes now look like islands. The rescue boats a sigh of relief for people looking to get out.

"I came through here yesterday with my one ton, but I wouldn't pull that again. I don't know when this thing will let us back down," said Craig Duplichan.

Despite the water rising, some neighbors are taking their chances and waiting to see how high it gets before they leave.

"I've got some chickens in the back I've got to keep feeding. So, we're going to stay until I've got to get out," said Aubale Lavergne.

The volunteers will return Sunday morning. If you need immediate help, call 9-1-1, they have boats on standby for anyone who needs to be rescued.

Chris Welty



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