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May 1, 2013 6:40 PM by Erin Steuber

Flood Warning for Morgan City, Berwick

A flood warning is in effect for the Atchafalya River at Morgan City, all thanks to high water levels along the Mississippi River up north. Meterologists are predicting the Atchfalaya to crest at 5.5 feet in mid-May. But will that be enough to cause major problems for Morgan City?

At 4.5 feet, the Atchafalaya river is already sitting above the official flood level of 4 feet, and the water is on the rise.

"We feel totally safe always," said resident Amy McCullough.

"We're going to be ready no matter what happens," said resident Julie Orlando.

Two years ago, the wall was tested with a record setting flood of nearly 10.5 feet.

"We've proven that we can maintain at that level with precaution," said Mayor Frank Grizzaffi. "So as long as you're prepared, we can handle whatever water comes down the river."

Meterologists predict the Atchafalya will crest at 5.5 feet. At 5 feet, the flood wall gates will be closed.

"We only have one resident on the unprotected side of the water, but like always we'll ask for an evacuation," said Grizzaffi. "But we have a ton of businesses, and we don't want to hurt commerce, so we try to wait 'til the last possible minute before we start effecting those businesses."

But some businesses, and residents like Michael Anslem, a fisherman, plan to make the best of any flood situation.

"It's going to be a good thing for a lot of resident in the city," said Anslem. "Especially fisherman who struggled a lot in the past years waiting on water to make a lot of money."

No matter what, the city says they will continue keeping a close eye on the river.

"We have the same concerns that Berwick has on the other side of the river," said Grizzaffi. "So we kind of stay together as a team and watch this water."



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