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Jul 8, 2013 7:19 PM by Alex Labat

Flag Raising is Raising Questions

For some, it was a symbol of progress in Acadiana.
The flag of the gay community being raised in Girard Park.
But that flag was on property owned by LCG, and residents like Ray Green weren't too happy about it.
"If they want to fly a flag, good. Stick up a flag pole in their front yard and let them fly. I could care less. But don't do it on government property", says Green.
Green went to Councilman Andy Naquin, who's requesting a legal opinion from the city attorney.
"That is my concern. To assure the residents of this city that everything that is flown on government owned flagpoles is a United States flag", says Naquin.
Naquin says it's not a gay rights issue, but others disagree.
"We're a melting pot of a variety of religions and cultures and that should be celebrated. And I don't think celebrating takes away from anybody else. It just allows a variety of people to support their community as well. As a whole", says Amanda Kelley, the President of the Acadiana Outspoken Alliance.
She says the organization had permission from LCG to fly the flag, but says no matter if it's rainbow or red, white, and blue, the gay community in Lafayette is as proud as ever.
"The reality is is we're veterans of this country. We're families, we're doctors, we're grocers. The LGBT community is no different than the heterosexual community.We're a part of Acadiana and the life here", says Kelley.


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