May 3, 2010 1:01 PM by Melissa Canone

Fisherman Sign Contracts With BP

More than four-hundred out of work fisherman have signed contracts with BP and are now going through training to help in the clean up efforts.

Many hope the President's visit will make a difference.

"The whole community relies on the water out here in one form, shape or another. So it affects the whole parish," says Deayne Baham.

The last five years for the Bahams have been a roller coaster. Their fishing business ruined first by Hurricane Katrina is now in jeopardy again because of the oil slick.

"I mean I was fishing oysters last week," says Dewayne Baham.  "I say if it goes on a month that's one thing but if it goes on three or four, that's another."

Officials estimate the oil leaking into the gulf, gliding toward the coast to be the size of Puerto Rico, leaving fisherman with little hope. President Obama came Sunday to see it for himself.

Now that the President's here these fisherman say they want answers.

Gaynel Baham (Fisherman's Wife) says "it just breaks my heart to see what could happen and then it's going to take years for it to come back if at all. The way we know it."

Without work Baham has joined many other fisherman in the training for cleanup at this school. He's signed a contract with BP and registered his boat to be on-call to help with the oil spill.

"Our season would open up in about two weeks but now chances are that it won't so we have to go to plan B," says Gaynel Baham.

Whether the President comes up with an answer or not. Baham and his family say they'll adjust and make do.

Gaynel Baham says "If Katrina didn't chase us away, this isn't going to chase us away. We're here for the haul this is it. We'll do whatever we have to do to keep on our feet."



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