Dec 5, 2011 1:00 AM by Chris Welty

Firefighters Make Special Rescue

This time of year stories like a house fire might seem especially heart-breaking, but this story in Carencro has a happy ending.

In all, crews from five different departments were called in to fight the fire. Flames taking just a matter of minutes to destroy a place, the Davis family called home for more than 20 years. It started as a typical Sunday for the Davis's; church and visits with family and friends. A routine interrupted when neighbors called to tell them their home was on fire.

"Just leaving your house and coming back home and that your house is on fire and you've lost everything. I was worried about my dog that was back there," said Mrs. Davis.

When the home owners pulled up, they immediately tried to rush in to save their dog, but fire officials said it was just too dangerous for them to go inside.

"I just knew that the fire had gotten to her," said Mr. Davis, but not before firefighter Caleb Olivier could.

"I walked into the kitchen and I just saw the dog, there it was and all scared in the corner. I picked it up and came out with it."

India the dog is expected to be okay. Mrs. Davis so happy to have back what she thought was lost. "She came out and my heart just lifted up and at least she survived, she didn't burn or nothing."

Fire fighters also saved a plaque from the Davis's son, it reads "World's Greatest Mom." Small reminders of what's really important.
"This is a moment that we need each other right now. I tell you what, I've never went through this and it's like you try to take a step forward and you get pushed back several," said Mr. Davis.

"I just thank God that we are alive and that we survived it and that we weren't in there when it took place," said Mrs. Davis.

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