Dec 18, 2013 3:00 PM by Kristen Holloway

Firearm Safety

It's the holidays and it's not uncommon for people here in South Louisiana to receive a gun as a Christmas gift.

Lafayette Sheriff's Deputies want to make sure you remember to learn how to operate it properly before taking that first shot.

"Understanding we're in South LA sportsman paradise, it's going to be people who have these weapons and maybe some first time gun owners around Christmas time, it's a terrible time to have a tragic accident," said Captain Kip Judice.

The sheriff's department says you should ask specific questions from the sales person about the weapon so you know exactly what you're getting. You can also make an appointment with the Lafayette Sheriff's Office, a deputy will help you understand how to use the gun.
Also starting in January, the department will resume their civilian firearm day, where residents can get practice.

"The can just come out and shoot their gun and become proficient with the weapon and with repetition comes proficiency and thats always a good thing," said Judice.

Also it's important to remember the gun will not harm you as long as you use it properly.

"We want to remind everybody that once that projectile leaves the end of the barrel, it can't come back," said Judice. "People say I didn't think the gun was loaded, every weapon should be treated as a loaded weapon always."



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