Nov 19, 2013 5:28 PM by MELISSA CANONE

Fire Rescue Life Saving Awards

Today, the city of New Iberia presented Life Saving awards for heroic efforts portrayed by two deputies and two firemen during a September 2nd fire.

According to Sheriff Louis Ackal, the two deputies were among the first responders on scene at the 309 Gorham Alley structure fire.

Deputy Babineaux arrived on scene first and was advised that a person was trapped inside the burning residence. Babineaux, without hesitation, ran in to the residence to search for the woman, according to Ackal. Babineaux searched the residence until he was forced to exit due to smoke and heat from the fire.

After a brief moment, Deputy Babineaux then reentered the residence followed by Corporal Christopher Perego. Ackal stated, Babineaux and Perego then searched the upstairs of the residence attempting to locate the woman. Corporal Perego, crawling under smoke and flames, located a closed door and forced the door open. From inside the room, Perego could hear frantic cries for help and kicked open the door where the woman was located. Firemen arrived and the woman was rescued and brought to safety.

Sheriff Louis Ackal stated "Deputy Babineaux and Corporal Perego not only relied upon their training and experience in helping rescue a human life; they also relied upon their own courage, a trait that is not taught. I cannot express the pride I have for these deputies and firemen because of their actions. They should know their fellow deputies, first responders and community appreciate their bravery."



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