Aug 13, 2010 6:55 PM by Shawn Kline

Fight and Stabbing in New Iberia over a bag of Shrimp

A man is still in the hospital after a he was stabbed in a New Iberia parking lot on Thursday evening.
Police later found a suspect- 49-year-old Adonis Charles at his own home. Deputies are now charging Charles with attempted second-degree murder.
Eye-witnesses to the stabbing say Charles was in Hung's Seafood Market on Hopkins Street buying a bag of shrimp.
Employees said another man also bought a bag of shrimp and when the two approached the counter, one of them had left a bag behind. Each claimed the same bag of shrimp at the check-out line.
Police say that's when a fist-fight broke out and the argument escalated outside.
"We was parked," Martha Sinegal said. "We seen them coming out the store."
Sinegal saw the whole scuffle unfold in the parking lot.
"They were shouting," Sinegal says, "over who paid for the bag of shrimp."
The argument was so heated, neither party noticed no one paid for the shrimp. Then the fight became even more violent.
"He stabbed him deep," Zamond Herbert said. "Deep in the chest."
Witnesses say that's when Charles got into his car and drove away- nearly hitting another parked car.
"He just drove off!" Herbert says.
By the time deputies arrived, neither the suspect or the victim were on the scene. Deputies only found their first lead when they called the hospital and asked for any recent stabbing admissions. One name came-up.
When Deputies interviewed the victim, they were led to Charles' location.
"It seems very unnecessary," Lt. Ryan Turner said. "It certainly wasn't called-for considering the circumstances."
The circumstances being who's bag of shrimp is at the counter.


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