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Apr 25, 2014 3:07 PM

Festival International Parade set for April 26th

Festival International is hosting a Tintamarre celebrating Congrès Mondial Acadien

What is a Tintamarre? The Tintamarre is a medieval French custom of making noise in a group to mark a significant event. In 1955, the Acadian Tintamarre began to commemorate the expulsion of the Acadiens from the Maritime Provinces in the Grand Dérangement. The Tintamarre has become an integral part of every Acadian National Day Celebration. Each year on August 15, Acadians host a boisterous parade using pots and pans, blowing horns and whistles, ringing bells and playing musical instruments to assert their resilience and pride. Parade participants wear face paint and costumes in the Acadien colors of blue, white, red with a gold star.

Participants are invited to meet at Chevron Scène des Jeunes which is located at Cathedral Carmel School. Lineup for the parade is at the side entrance facing Versailles Street. The Festival International Promenade & Tintamarre will travel from the front entrance of Cathedral Carmel School, left on Jefferson, ending on Garfield Street.

Bring your family and friends along for the fun Saturday, April 26th. Meet at 3:15 pm to ensure a prompt 4:00 pm parade departure. Bring noise makers, flags & anything to show your pride. Make sure to dress up in the Acadian colors of red, white, blue with gold stars. All children must be accompanied by and adult to participate.




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