Apr 26, 2014 12:45 AM by Alex Labat

Festival International Fashion Isn't Complete Without Pin

Good music, good food, and colorful outfits are a telltale sign Festival has arrived. But what draws people to go through the effort to drum up a unique outfit, just for a festival? "This is a place where people can dress like their culture, like their inner person, and not get judged. And to me that's the beauty of festival. You can wear your tribal gown and you will be beautiful, and that's just gorgeous to me", says Caitlin Badinger. But no funky outfit is complete without one crucial accessory that's a major part of what keeps Festival free. "It's very important that everyone buy their Festival pin. It's the number one way to support Festival, it's $10. And since Festival's free, we always say, "Buy your pin. It's like your ticket to free Festival", says Vice-President of Fesitval's Marketing Board of Directors Tucker Sappington.
The $10 pin might not seem like much, but for those who make plans (and their own outfits) to come to Festival International, that $10 goes a long way. "Celebrating life, love, dancing, music, food, that's life", says Kristina Weick from Pensacola, Florida. The one thing we learned being out at Festival is there is a certain "look" for the event, the look of happiness and of having a good time. A universal language that anyone who attends Festival can learn how to speak. "The sun, the food, the people, the music. The music. Just listen. Listen", says Iya Gaidia.


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