Feb 13, 2013 8:30 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Father concerned about pregnant daughter on Triumph

It's been an emotional roller coaster for concerned family and friends back home in Acadiana, who are awaiting the arrival of their loved ones that are stuck on Carnival's broken down Triumph cruise ship.

"For my wife and I it's been very frustrating and upsetting that we've not been able to have any contact," Randall Gaspard said, who's the father of passenger Kayla Robles.

Contact is what Randall Gaspard desperately wants. Robles is six months pregnant, and is with her husband and 30 of his family members. Robles and her husband's room is right above the engine where the fire broke out.

"The last few days the reports we've received and what we've seen on TV with sewage backing up, and no air conditioning, the lack of food...The text we got from Kayla on Monday was she had eaten half a hamburger all day," Gaspard said.

Not enough food for a pregnant woman. The delay in getting home has made her miss a doctor's appointment.

"They said they had a doctor on board, and I said, "A doctor for 3000, 4000 people including the crew?" That's really not sufficient in my mind," Gaspard said.

Randall says that the last they heard from Carnival was in an automated voice message it left last night. He feels the cruise line could be doing much better than that.

I just want them home safely, and back in their house and back in their routine, and be able to put my arms around both of them and make sure that they're ok," Gaspard said.


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