May 27, 2012 2:06 PM by Chris Welty

Family Remains Hopeful After New Clues Released

For friends and family of Mickey it's a step forward in the investigation they waited an agonizing week for.

The family is doing as well as can be expected and over the past week they've relied on the community's support, but now, it's the prospect of the investigation moving forward that's sustaining them.

"That's all we've been waiting for is a place to start from to start looking instead of looking everywhere," said Charlie Shunick, Mickey's sister.

For the first time in days the Shunick family and investigators have something to go on.

"Now we at least know she got past university a little bit. I mean, it is awesome," said Shunick.

For the family and hundreds of volunteers these images are providing strength into a search that's so far come up empty handed.

"We're trying to think positively, we are trying to think effectively, rationally, and quickly. Even if it is minute, it is huge at this point," said Mickey's friend Josh Coen.

The next step is to find someone who may have seen what outside the frame of this surveillance video. Police released photos of three vehicles they say were in the area. Now, they want to talk to those drivers.

"We just want to speak to the people or the person in that vehicle that night to gather any new clues or any information that they may have to further this investigation," said Corporal Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department.

Josh Coen says, "until we have clear, hard evidence, we are completely staying positive each and every day. Our motto every morning is we are bringing her home tonight."

Still no sign of Mickey. Both police and the family are still encouraging all businesses in the area to check their surveillance systems for any sign of Mickey.
Corporal Paul Mouton says one of the reasons why it took some time to find these images is because there are so many different instruments for recording video. Some systems allow you to fast forward or slow down, and once they found what is believed to be Mickey, the department had to send the video to be enhanced to a better quality.

Chris Welty


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