Feb 13, 2013 11:31 PM by Erin Steuber

Family Mourns Loss of Abbeville Brothers

We're learning more about the two brothers shot and killed Tuesday in Abbeville. They've been identified as 24 year old Michael Guidry and his 25-year-old brother Gary.

"That was my life. That was my life. He took my life away from me," said Shayla Darby, Michael's fiance.

Darby has been with Michael for nearly 10 years. They have two children together, and were scheduled to be married this year.

"He didn't want this. My children aren't even going to be able to see their daddy," said Darby. "My children not even gonna know their daddy."

Under arrest is 17 year old D'Andre Sinegal of Abbeville. Family members of the victims identify the suspect as a family friend.

"How could he do this. I fed this man. We ate at the same table," said Darby. "How could he take my children's daddy out there life."

It's the second time tragedy has struck this family. Just 8 months ago, the brother's lost their mother to a heart attack.

"I kinda took the place of my sister when she passed 8 months ago," said the brother's aunt, Daisha Thompson. "They both started working. I was the one to bring them back and forth from work and dealt with them like they were my children."

The family says the brothers were extremely family oriented, and were always the life of the party.

"You know it was just always something to make you laugh," said Thompson.

"Everybody going to miss that laughter. I'm not going to laugh the same again. I don't know what to do," said Darby.

Police have not commented on a motive.



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