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Dec 12, 2011 6:27 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Family Loses Everything in House Fire

A family loses everything after their two grandsons accidentally set the house on fire. The two boys, Jonathan and Thomas are just 3 and 5 years old. They were playing with a lighter and that's when the bed caught fire.

"We heard them screaming down the hallway and ran into the room and the bed was engulfed," said Sheryl Kimball.

Kimball tried to put out the fire her grandsons started, but couldn't. She has a heart condition and the thick smoke overwhelmed her.

"35 years of life gone, " she told KATC.

They have nothing. Only the clothes on their backs.

"You can't imagine what it's like to have no home or no possessions," she said.

Time is running out, the family can stay free of charge at the Holiday Inn Express for three more days. They have no family in the area and don't know what they'll do next.

"Never in my life have I had nothing and now I have nothing," said KImball.

The Scott Fire Department lent a hand. People dropped off jeans, coats, food, and toys.

"It's wonderful. People caring about people," she said.

Sheryl doesn't think her grandsons realize the magnitude of what they've done. Her warning to parents...

"Take every lighter, every match and put it up high. I was careful but not careful enough," said Kimball.



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