Jan 14, 2013 7:51 PM by Chris Welty

Family May Evacuate Again

Families in Acadia Parish are pushed out of their homes due to rising waters. Now, one family finds out they may have to evacuate yet again.

"It's a bad situation."

Christopher Stevens is staying with family in Crowley after his home in Midland flooded. All in the same day, about a foot of water seeped into his house on Third Street, it receded then came again. He bought his home six months ago, doesn't have insurance and says he's feeling a range of emotions.

"There's nothing you can save once it's wet and it gets re-wet several times. It's going to get mildew and it's pretty much un-salvageable at that point," said Stevens.

Now, they may have to leave again since the neighborhood they're staying in is starting to flood. Several entrances to the neighborhood have already flooded. There's only one way in and out.

"It's about to flood over as well. it's another trap situation."

The family was in such a hurry to leave Midland, they forgot their dog. At the height of the storm Thursday, Stevens went home to rescue the dog. It's difficult for his daughters, three and five years old, to understand what's happening.

"That's pretty difficult to do when you just lost a lot of what you own. Especially toys from Christmas and birthdays. They don't know the shock of it yet," said Stevens.

The big question for families, when will the water go down and when can the clean up process begin.

Chris Welty



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