Jul 18, 2013 7:55 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Family "Blue" For UL Student Lost At Sea

In Australia, a second aerial search will begin for a missing UL student and six others aboard a sailboat that's been missing since the beginning of June. Danielle Wright is the UL student onboard that boat.

Her family back home is keeping hope alive in a very special way.  They've started a "Blue" movement by wearing as much blue as possible. It's the color of the sea, and the place they hope Danielle and the other passengers are safe and sound.

"It's really the blue, it's kind of like a sharing bond, you know.  The other families of the other crew members are also doing a lot of blue, so it's really kind of a bonding, you know it's like staying strong and hope together as we're all waiting for them to come home," Danielle's cousin Rebekah Wright said.

It started during a recent family trip to Florida. Now they're surrounding themselves with as much blue as possible.

"I think of her eyes, she has her daddy's blue eyes and a lot of the cousins have bright blue eyes.  So I think of her when I think of blue," Danielle's mother Robin Wright said.

From toe nails to wreaths, blue is everywhere. Even Danielle's horse is sporting blue.

"Copper has bright blue hooves We have friends in Baton Rouge, that they're dogs toenails are blue, and blue bows on their dogs ears," Robin Wright said.

Even in the neighborhood several mailboxes have blue ribbons to show support for Danielle's family and hope for everyone's safe return.

"I know that every time they look at that blue bow they're thinking of our daughter and praying for her," Robin Wright said.

They hope others will also go blue for Danielle, while they remain blue for her.

For more information on how to help or donate to the search for the seven passengers aboard the Nina, Click here 



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