Oct 1, 2013 7:39 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Facing breast cancer without fear

"I just told the devil he's not going to let this get me down"

After a routine mammogram and subsequent biopsy, doctors told Annette Blanco she had breast cancer.

"I have not had one once of fear with this."

Blanco says she will likely choose to have a double masectomy and has decided she will not undergo chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, she'll take a more natural approach.

"I'm doing what I know to do health wise because I believe that nutrition is the answer to cancer."

Blanco says the hardest part of her diagnosis has been breaking the news to family and friends.

I can't let them see me get down about something like this because what would that show them?"

In addition to having family and friends by her side, Blanco credits her faith in God for keeping her head up and heart strong.

"I've never had any question about why me. I know there's a reason why. I don't know the reason, but I know there is a reason."

Some specifics on that nutritional regime Blanco mentioned, a self-confessed sugar addict, Blanco has cut out all sweet treats and is eating mostly vegetables and lean proteins. Blanco says she's going to Disney World with her family in November and will wait until after her trip to undergo surgery.



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