Nov 18, 2011 12:11 AM by Shawn Kline

Facebook fights spammers armed with obscene pictures

Disturbing images are popping up on Facebook feeds across the globe. Some pictures, violent. Others, pornographic.

Under Facebook's safety terms, images like those are not allowed on the social network but somehow, these slipped by and attracted a lot of attention.

"The whole point is to have shock value so that you do want to click on it," Cyber security expert, Reagan Brock said. "That's usually where most people get nailed."

Brock works at Doghouse Computers in Lafayette and he says the images on your Facebook feed are spam.

"The problem with Facebook is that yeah, they're upping their security however to actually secure it, you kind of have to be a geek to figure it out," Brock said.

Facebook however, isn't turning the other cheek. In a recent statement, the social network acknowledged these spammers.
"(They) tricked users into pasting and executing malicious JavaScript...causing users to unknowingly share offensive content."

Facebook has since taken further actions to thwart these posts.

"We've put in place backend measures to reduce the rate of these attacks," the statement read. "...and will continue to find new ways to protect people.

"A lot of people's curiosity gets the best of them." Brock says, "people are the last line of defense; they need to get over that and step away, don't click it. It keeps them safer."

So how are these hackers posting these pictures to your wall? Experts say it's a bug and it can jeopardize your personal information.

If you feel you've been infected, run an anti-virus program and change your passwords.

If you still feel you may have a computer virus, pay a visit to your local computer expert.



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