Jul 31, 2013 7:31 PM by Alex Labat

Evangeline Parish Police Jury Working to Better Audits

In Evangeline Parish, the police jury is having to explain why it's audit is showing major lack of oversight, and it's not for the first time.
Back in 2011, there were three main discrepancies the Louisiana Legislative Auditor uncovered.
Employees were being paid for time they didn't actually work (totaling around $16,000).
Second, the jury failed to comply with the state's public bid law.
And last, incorrect documentation for tire service on parish vehicles.

No policies for contracts, disputes over payments for employees, it's a trip down memory lane.
Evangeline Parish Police Jury Secretary-Treasurer Doug DeVille says it's all due to the old way of doing things, and the parish is working to fix that.
"This is the best audit that we've had in the ten years that I've been there. We're coming along and applying a new computer system, and with this new computer system that we're putting in it should really help us out in the future", says DeVille.
That new system will help the input of purchase orders, like the one for close to $18,000 for two pieces of equipment from Rapid Energy Services.
Anything over $5,000 is supposed to go through a bidding process.
"The company gave us some state contract numbers, but those numbers did not match with what they sold us. So we got burned on that deal", says DeVille.
Another discrepancy?
Employees purchasing uniforms from The Buckle, New York & Co.,and Old Navy, all with taxpayer money.
DeVille says the term "uniform" was so broad, he didn't know what could and could not be worn.
"All the shirts have to match. All one color, one day, with the emblem on it and the name. The pants they can wear whatever. And that's the policy we have in place now", says DeVille.
He says he hopes that with a new computerized filing system in place, discrepancies like these and payroll errors, will be a thing of the past.
"That would be my dream come true", says DeVille.



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