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Jul 15, 2014 11:46 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Eunice Police Officer Gets Termination Overturned

A Eunice Police Officer, fired from her job in back in May, is back on the force. It all stems from an incident on April 1st. Officers Talya Fruge and Jade Weaver were arrested on malfeasance charges, and accused of not assisting a fellow officer who police say needed help during a fight with a suspect. Officer Weaver, who had been on the job for about two months, kept her job. However, the City Council voted on May 13th to terminate Fruge.

For two months, 33-year-old Fruge has waited for the chance to try to get her job back. She received a letter on May 6th that her job was in jeopardy.

"The city would be considering my termination on May 13th," said Eunice Police Officer Talya Fruge.

In May at the Eunice City Council meeting, Fruge said she tried to tell her side of the story, but was denied, even though the law gives her that right.

"You were not allowed to speak at the council meeting correct," asked Chairman of the Eunice Civil Service Board Edward Vidrine.

"Correct," Fruge answered.

Fruge's attorney reviewed video from that City Council meeting, and said her rights were violated. The Eunice Civil Service Board voted unanimously to reinstate Fruge to the force.

"They did not allow her to speak at that, so that was a violation of her Police Officer Bill of Rights and her rights. So we didn't have a choice. The law says we have to null and void anything they do if they violate her rights," said Eunice Civil Service Board Member Donnie Thibodeaux.

Fruge declined an on camera interview. She said she's concerned the decision could be overturned again.

Officer Fruge will receive back pay from the time she was terminated, and will also get to keep her seniority in the police force.



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