Jul 19, 2010 7:51 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Eunice Mayor Vetos Proposed Budget

Mayor Bob Morris of Eunice let his council members know exactly what he thought of their proposed budget.

Morris said, "It's ridiculous, the reasons they give for doing this doesn't make any sense."

He wrote a letter to all council members-all are against the mayor's budget. The letter outlined his major issues.

One is a sewage tax break for residents.

Morris said that a tax cut is something any resident would appreciate.

Council member, Dale Soileau, said "if we have some kind of problem we are going to have to go back and ask for the money back."

Soileau says it's not the time to give people a sewage tax break.  He says the waste water plant in Eunice is still new and could have future problems.

The biggest issue is the Eunice Recreation Center. The mayor said he wants to pay the two and a half million dollars that the city owes, but council members disagree saying there's no need to rush it."

"I want to have the money in case we need it, sure we can borrow money but why should we if we have it in the bank," Soileau said.

Morris said, the bond is the only one the city owes. He says if the city pays it off, then Eunice will have one less bill to pay.

            The council's budget would create a $200,000 shortfall. The mayor's budget would create a $100,000 deficit. Officials say there is plenty of money in reserve to cover either amount.

            Three votes are needed to override the mayor's veto. The council will vote on august 10.


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