Dec 6, 2013 9:30 AM by Kristen Holloway

Empowering the Community for Excellence

Students in Acadia Parish looking for extra help outside the classroom have another place to turn. A new non-profit has been formed to help younger students with standardized testing. One retired Acadia Parish teacher is accomplishing this, all while making a difference in the community.

A teacher in Acadia Parish for 38-years, when it was time for Audry Spencer to retire sitting at home, just wasn't enough.

"Education is just apart of me, I love the kids and I'm trying to make a difference," said Spencer.

So Spencer started a free, weekly tutoring program for elementary school students in Crowley. It's called Empowering the Community for Excellence.

"We are giving them remediation in reading, math and social skills," said Spencer. "We're hoping with the kids, their testing scores will go up one performance level."

The program helps under-privileged students who are at risk of failure. Mary Zaunbrecher is one of the 12 certified teachers in the program.

"Some children don't learn in an environment of 20-30 children, they need the one on one so this is what the tutoring session does, it gives them one on one with a person that cares about you," said Zaunbrecher.

Spencer's goal is to eventually raise enough funds to become mobile so she can travel to neighborhoods throughout the parish.

"If they feel good about themselves they're going to do better, their parents will feel better, it's good for the school, it's good for the teachers, it's good for our parish and its good for our community," said Spencer. "We want our kids to be productive citizens."

The program currently has 40 students but has room for 20 more. If you would like to join, call 337-212-9753.
Also as we mentioned this is a free program, if you would like to donate school supplies, books, computers or money to keep it going, you can also call that same number.



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