Feb 1, 2011 9:46 PM by Maddie Garrett

Egyptian UL Student Supports Protests In His Native Country

Many Egyptians here in Acadiana watch the unfolding protests from a distance. But one UL student says he wishes he was in his home country of Egypt to join in the protests.

Abdelhamid Moursy came to UL with his wife and children five years ago to study computer science. Once he receives his Doctorate, Moursy will return home to what he hopes will be a better Egypt.

"When I go back I want to see a new leadership, a new government, a new way of thinking really," said Moursy.

Watching the protests on TV isn't easy for Moursy. But not out of fear for his friends and family, instead because he wants to be there standing by their side.

"If you ask any Egyptian student here that question, he will tell you "I wish that I'm there with them." This is a very honorable moment, that it's a turning moment in the Egyptians' life," he explained.

But with all internet and phone services virtually cut off in Egypt, communicating with his family proves almost impossible.

"It's a crime, it's a crime by all means. Now my family back home, they are not able to communicate with each other just to know how the situation is going," said Moursy.

Still, he spreads the protesters' message as much as he can over the internet here in Acadiana, and keeps his friends and family back home close to his heart.

"We are praying day and night, day and night that the situation will turn good for the sake of our generation," said Moursy.

Moursy said the UL International Center has also shown him support in this difficult time.



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