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Jul 23, 2012 7:06 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Duson Police Now Calling a Runaway Teen A Missing Person

Fifteen-year-old Keiosha Felix has been missing for three months. She was last seen at her aunt's house in Duson. Duson police say they thought she was a runaway because one side of the family said they had been in contact with her, but after talking to other members of her family, police say no one has heard from Felix. Police are now looking into why some family members initially said they talked to her. Assistant police chief Gerald Credeur says a person of interest, the boyfriend of a relative, has been questioned. He's not charged with a crime.

Keiosha Felix's aunt Lena Lewis believes Felix's disappearance is suspicious. She says Felix was a typical teenager, often using her cell phone and Facebook, but since she disappeared, she hasn't used either.

"No one has heard anything. She wouldn't just confine herself and hide," said Lewis.

Lewis describes Felix as a happy teenager who loved her family. She now wants answers from family members who said they heard from Felix, when in fact, they hadn't.

"Why would you say someone is speaking to you when they're not? That just seems suspicious, why would you say that? Her sister is her best friend. If there's anyone she'd call it would be her because they talked every single day," added Lewis.

Felix is in state custody under the Department of Children & Family Services. Family and police say she ran away once before, was gone for two days and called family to let them know she was safe. It's a different story this time.

"She'd be with other girls her age hanging out walking around, but no one has seen her. Nothing."

Felix has a one-year-old baby girl. Lewis says if Keiosha did run away, she wouldn't have left her baby behind.

"She loves her baby. There's no way that she would leave without knowing how her baby was doing and what was going on with her baby."


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