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Feb 28, 2013 10:55 PM by Akeam Ashford

Documents show Krotz Springs Alderman should not be allowed to hold office

Court records show Louis Polotzola plead guilty to sexual battery, stalking, and aggravated assault in 1995. His sentence ended in 2000 and he was elected to the board of alderman ten years later in 2010. State law requires a convicted felon must wait 15 years after completing a felony sentence to run for public office.

According to court records, Polotzola would not be eligible to run until 2015. Secretary of State Tom Schedler says, "The law is very explicit that a felon can not run for office..." Schedler goes on to say that if court records are accurate, Polotzola is ineligible to hold office. He says his office has papers showing Polotzola signed certified official documents stating he was eligible to run and hold public office.

There are many questions that are left unanswered, so Katc's Steven Albritton went to Polotzola's home to get answers, but no one answered the door. Steven then spoke with St. Landry Parish District Attorney, Earl Taylor who says, "I think what happened was there was either a misunderstanding on his part or I'm just not sure what the circumstances were." Taylor refused to give any details about what the district attorney's office is investigating in the case. Taylor did, however, say there had been a formal complaint filed to his office, giving his office reason to investigate.

Earlier this afternoon, I also spoke off camera with Krotz Springs mayor Carrol Snyder, who says the city attorney's office advised him not to speak about the matter. There is no official word on when the investigation will end, but the district attorney says Polotzola could lose his job, and pay a fine. Stay tuned to Katc for the latest on this investigation.




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